Sutter Club Fishing

Sutter Club is a privately-owned salmon fishing club.  The Club is located on Miramichi River, a legendary and productive salmon river for Atlantic Salmon. Here are some fishing details:

All facilities and pools are on the Main SW.

Fishing at Sutter is catch and release.

Miramichi River

  • The Club lodge is about 25 miles from tidewater
  • The Club has properties/pools up and down river from the main lodge upriver from the bridge at Pond’s Resorts and a bit downriver from the bridge at Doaktown

Private water

  • In New Brunswick, the owner of land bordering a river owns the fishing rights to the middle of the river
  • Anyone can float through private water but they cannot fish except with permission of the owner

Fly fishing only for Atlantic Salmon

  • The Miramichi River salmon run typically starts about the 1st of June and continues into October
  • The season typically ends on October 15th
  • Atlantic salmon can only be fished using a barbless fly
  • Sutter’s is an ASF designated Catch & Release only club

Salmon born in the Miramichi

  • Stay in the river as parr (~3-5 inches long)
  • Parr evolve to smolts over a few years in the river (~ 10 inches long); smolts head out to sea in late spring
  • Smolts mature and grow feeding off Greenland and the Faroes Island
  • Mature salmon return back to the Miramichi, their place of birth
  • As grilse (small salmon- ~4 – 8 lbs) after being at sea for a year
  • As salmon (8 lbs and up to 30+ lbs) after being at sea for more than 1 year or after making multiple round trips from the Miramichi to sea and back over multiple years)
  • Salmon spawn in the Miramichi in late October and November
  • After spawning, the salmon remain in Miramichi over the winter and head back to sea in the spring
  • Amazingly, the salmon returning from the sea to the Miramichi do not feed while they are in fresh water